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The Economic Platform of St. Pölten

Ecopoint – On December 14, 2004, this economic service of the City of St. Pölten was presented to a broad audience including prominent business men and women from St. Pölten.
The topics of the event were received with much interest, such as the idea for launching an economic platform for promoting the City in economic terms.

More than 800 interested individuals have already signed a declaration of support, thus joining the economic platform. The idea of ecopoint represents the identification of the economy with the location of St. Pölten. Credibility on the outside is particularly emphasized by expressing wellbeing and recognition. 

For the positions of so-called “economic representatives” prominent St. Pölten residents were recruited, who had held presidency nationwide throughout the years in the following areas: economy, industry, sciences and media.

Karl Blab
Herbert Binder
Michael Salzer 
Franz Silbermayr

Their presence as the link between ecopoint and the economic platform enables the City of St. Pölten to embark on a new path in the areas of marketing and acquisition.

Ecopoint facilitates and coordinates an active dialogue, thus promoting the interests of investors and entrepreneurs, as well as networking amongst peers.